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Tales of a hustler beanie sigel

My heart racin like a blunt lacin Hennessy and malt liquor chasin My gemstar scarrin niggaz faces For a pound of trey eight and.. My MP state workin Shootin-arm stay jerkin Can't answer cause the feds lurkin Its like we catchin cancer on purpose Back to back chain smoking, nicotine feinin Conversation with demons when I'm dreamin Manic-depressive Like the man upstairs tryin to pass me a lesson But I can't catch it The game under break the pressure They miss my presence We still not promised tomorrow Takin the bitter with the sweet up in these cold ass streets We got lifestyles through our scars We ride hard til our numbers get called The lifestyle of a hustler Sparks I'm feelin like deaths in the air Got me back to back buckin my squares But I ain't bitchin I ain't scared I ain't budgin, in fact the thrill alone turns me on Got me smiling, laughin Clutchin My toast and confrontin mother fuckers Cock-a-roaches will not catch me laughin Skinny and slim fram y'all get it the same Cool niggaz that'll spin out they waves Grimey niggaz that'll spin to they graves Justifyin my foul ways I got kids to raise But motherfuckers rather see me sprayed Than to see me pair fucker Or see me on the front page like Sig Or stay rolled DC with B. Sig You bitch niggaz stay PC when y'all see me Until the day that they Fit me in the grave and the city wreak of me We got the city under siege S-P or R-O-C Poverty is a movie starrin me Ride with no play the passenger seat So y'all can see how my life so real So y'all can see how my life so ill I came to chill..
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Omillio Sparks the young gun My life as an adolescent said I'll go through something Other guys try to stand in my way like brick walls So I kept guns in my palm like Mesiah scripts in Psalms I should fear no man but God So lord knows we could get it on Guns baptized guys testing my pride Clearing my conscience in the liquor store With a fifth of Thunderbird but I be guzzling hard Playing the corners with a washed up old-head Chant tunes by the Whispers Same corner where I banged at with niggaz Cops drive by and grin on us If they grabbed then one of them nosey neighbors done snitched on us Again? Hey this game juicy got me puffing looseys Every two days interigated by the police See, this life I live cost more than your Roley's money It cost my homie Nook his whole life, ya heard me? Omillio Sparks niggas holla back Beanie: Sparks - repeat 2X] In this life you not promised tommorow So take the bitter with the sweet and maintain In these vicious streets Carry your heat and keep your mind on your money Life's a gamble everybody got a number homie TALES OF A HUSTLER I'm back to the block with it Wait let me clear that up I'm back to the blocks that you get when your block get it Get hard with that hot water when the pot hit it Get large with a little water when you pop wip it I send hope to late scramblers Sling coke to you late you scramblers Go broke sling soap to you late night scramblers No joke, I'm a crook, catch hooks broke, late night gamblers Look - you loose limbs when fuck with him That be I strapped and high FBI all on back want to trap the guy Got niggas in all black want to snatch my pies Never that too many gats Too many guns Tough guys not to many left Where they at? Dead or locked behind bars in jail I know I aint too far from hell I'll spit the devil these bars in hell Dog I been through it son Look at my scars and tell Catch Mac in a Chevy truck slightly tented No excuses on who might be in it You know passenger twisting backwoods Slightly spinning Crack the window the indo slightly scented Splash of haze and hash lightly blented Put the pressure on niggas who might be timid Like, you got like a minute To put the cash in this bag or ya ass just might be in it In small piece, I'll snatch your family up Start from tall nephews to your small nieces Bitches.
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List of the best Beanie Sigel albums, including pictures of the album covers when available. This Beanie Sigel discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Beanie Sigel albums can be found at the top of the list. To make it easy for you, we haven't included Beanie Sigel singles, EPs, or compilations, so everything you see here should only be studio albums. If you think the greatest Beanie Sigel album isn't high enough on the list, then be sure to vote for it so it receives the credit it deserves. Make sure you don't just vote for critically acclaimed albums; if you have a favorite Beanie Sigel album, then vote it up, even if it's not necessarily the most popular.
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This one is for my real mug mixers Who get screwed up, my thick juice sippers Shout out, to my man lil flip Big mo, project pat and the whole Yea I know about them texas boys Who keep a liter in the cup, and a heater in the tuck Think the xanax and the endo sack, make me slack? Cock tailed or V'd up, gettin' swiss cheesed upPlease don't blow my high blow my high When I'm sippin' that purple rain don't blow my high Trust me you don't know my life Nigga don't blow my high, don't blow my high When I'm tippin' that purple rain I know it makes em crazy, it keeps me lazyWhen back in 94 as bruce steel had his gate up He called me over to his house and he poured me a 8 up I asked him what it was he said bun get ya weight up This is lean, them white folks call it pearl methosine Shit but we gonna probably drink dog cause that's what we be doin' to it Now take this big red and pour about a 2 into it I did 2's and 8's, what the fuck is you trippin' on? Beanie Sigel's name derives from the street in Philadelphia where he was raised, "Sigel Street," and "Beans" is what people used to call him as a child.
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